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Contributor Rewards is the exclusive sales agent for The New York Times® in the public broadcasting industry.

The New York Times basically sells itself. Plus, it’s a big deal here with our employees. The price and the content are perfect.
–  Jen,  Membership Manager

One-year, digital access subscription to The New York Times.

Subscription includes unlimited access to  on any device and all NYT news apps. Subscribers can also play the Daily Mini version of The New York Times Crossword. Additionally, subscribers receive discounts at The Times Store. Subscribers can customize their experience by signing up for any of the more than 65 different email newsletters. Topics include breaking news, food, travel, arts and culture, science and politics. Valid for non-current New York Times subscribers only, however codes are fully transferrable. So, donors, even current subscribers, can give them as gifts.

Premium must be used for donors giving $120 or more, or $10+ monthly.

Sample fundraising scripts and approved New York Times graphics will be provided.

Contact us for volume-based pricing.