Contributor Rewards

High Quality Digitally Delivered Premiums
to Support Fundraising Success

The Advantages of Digital Premiums


The impact of your gift is multiplied when it is delivered at digital speed, instead of postal speed.

Cost Efficiency

A physical premium can sometimes cost more to deliver than it does to purchase. Digital premiums cost nothing to deliver.

Positive Image

Including digital premiums in your fundraising efforts reinforces your image as a progressive organization.

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Your Own Branded
Digital Delivery Platform

At no cost to you, we create a branded redemption website for your donors to redeem their digital gifts. The site further reinforces that the gift comes from your organization. And, it allows Contributor Rewards to handle any customer service issues that arise, so your staff doesn’t have to!

Our Digital Premiums

Contributor Rewards offers a variety of high-quality rewards. You can rest assured that your donors will have a simple and positive experience redeeming their gifts. No gimmicks. Just straightforward value.