Digital Delivery

Digital Delivery

For The Station

Contributor Rewards emails you a file containing your Reward Codes

  • No storage of physical merchandise required

You email individual Reward Codes to your qualifying donors/members

  • We provide email templates for you to use

Your donors visit your branded redemption website to claim their gift

  • Branded website is built at no cost to you
  • The same website can redeem an unlimited variety of digital rewards you purchase from Contributor Rewards
rewards login page

For The Donor

They receive an email with the Reward Code

They visit your branded redemption website and enter the code

They receive their gift!

screenshot of congratulations page

Here’s What You Don’t Need To Do!

Provide any confidential donor information to Contributor Rewards

  • We do not need (or want) any donor information

Deal with any customer service issues

  • If a donor has a question or technical issue, they simply hit the Contact Us link on the redemption website and we resolve their issue. None of your staff time is required.