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Babbel on a laptop
Contributor Rewards is the exclusive sales agent for Babbel in the public broadcasting industry.

One-year subscription to Babbel that provides access to studying all 14 languages vs. a normal single language subscription

  • Founded in 2007, Babbel is an international leader in the online language learning industry with more than 1 million active subscribers.
  • Learn anytime, anywhere. The subscription works on Babbel's iOS and Android apps, and through a browser. Progress is synced across devices, so you can always pick up right where you left off.
  • Study at your own pace. The 10 - 15 minute bite-sized lessons are perfect for daily learning as it can be done "on-the-go".
  • Focus on subjects that interest you. Courses range from business to travel.
  • Remember what you learn with curated review sessions that reinforce what you learn by bringing it back in new contexts.
  • Learn real-life conversations not just useless vocabulary. The program actually prepares you to "speak".
  • Helps you speak with confidence by using interactive dialogues and speech recognition technology.


Requires a minimum contribution level of $100 one-time or $10 monthly.


  • Minimum order of 25 codes.
  • Contact us for volume-based pricing.