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An Affordable and Effective Fundraising Premium

A One-Year Subscription to the Donor's Choice of Any of These Titles

Simple For Donors & For The Station

  • Feature one, multiple or all magazine titles in your pitches.
  • Station just emails the donor a code. Fast online activation.
  • A great and affordable gift for Sustainer anniversaries.
  • No fulfillment cost.


Minimum order 100 units

  • $6.00 per code
  • $5.00 per code in quantities of 250 or more

Magazine media readership is diverse.

Readers of magazine media in the last 6 months:

African-American adults
Asian-American adults
Hispanic-American adults
LGBT adults

90% of US adults have read magazines in the last six months.

The median age of magazine readers (47.1) mirrors the median age of the U.S. population.

The average household readsissues per month
Households with $150k annual income index atfor magazine readership