What We’re Hearing

What We're Hearing

Contributor Rewards' mission is to consistently exceed our clients' expectations for customer service and to provide the highest quality digital premiums to ensure their

Doug Berman

Producer, Car Talk and Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! for NPR

This is a solid company.  They helped us get our Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me! audio product up and delivered to hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of listeners.  We got not one single complaint along the way. That’s impressive.

Lindsay Kuntzman Hilewick

Membership Director, WKSU | Folk Alley

We offered the WWDTM albums for anyone who made a $10/month or higher contribution. We didn’t use any of the pre-recorded spots – we just had our pitchers talking about it (which they did very well!). They focused on some pitch points about how it was a collector’s edition item, it featured the very best of WWDTM, was a can’t miss gift, would be delivered faster than you could imagine via email and you’d be enjoying it before the end of the week.

What was most surprising to us was the number of calls we got from both current sustainers asking if they could upgrade their donation to get it and people who had donated earlier in the drive and wanted to cancel their previous gift request so they could get the album.

the publics radio

Jed Thorp

Membership Manager, The Public’s Radio, Providence, RI

We’ve had great success offering digital subscriptions as premiums for our donors. It’s something they can use, and it’s a lot easier to “ship” than a tote bag or coffee mug.

Mary Bradley

Development Director / Cinematique Coordinator, WHQR

Thanks to Contributor Rewards and the WWDTM Special, WHQR was able to more than double our pledges during Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!  We also had great success with The New York Times digital subscription, more than doubling our $240/year sustainers and adding many upgrades to $240 from $180. Plus, the staff at Contributor Rewards were great to work with!

Cheryl Snyder

Assistant General Manager, KTOO

This Spring The New York Times subscriptions were a great boost to our drive.  Being in a small market I wasn’t sure we’d use them all in our 2-day campaign.  I was wrong!  They were gone before the campaign was over.  Not only did existing members give more than they previously had, in order to get this premium, we also had new members signing on at $180.  I have budgeted to use them again.

Jolie Bauman

Associate Director of Membership Marketing, KQED

Love this service!  Contributor Rewards is leading the way in addressing IT and Membership fulfillment pain points with a solution that keeps members’ needs front and center.  CR has made us a more reliable partner for our members with service that is convenient, consistent, and uncomplicated.

Brian Black

Business Office and Development Associate, RADIO IQ | WVTF MUSIC

During our Fall Fund Drive in 2018, we had about 120 people request the Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me 20th Anniversary Album digital download as a thank you gift. We used it as an incentive for new sustainers to start at the $10/month ongoing monthly pledge.  

We also had several long-time listeners come back to us with increased giving levels as they were big fans of the show. Using clips from the download during the fund drive was very helpful.

hawaii public radio logo

Chloe Hartwell

Listener Events Coordinator, Hawai'i Public Radio

Blown-away by the level of professionalism and service that Hawai'i Public Radio has received from Contributor Rewards. They are responsive, brilliant communicators, and deliver what they promise. And, their fundraising premiums produce fantastic results for the station. Could not be more thrilled!