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Contributor Rewards is proud to make MyLife available to the public broadcasting industry.​

One-year subscription to MyLife, the award-winning* mindfulness app that draws on science-based techniques to help people find peace of mind and build emotional strength.​

  • Users check-in with how they're feeling and get personalized recommendations for mindfulness activities tuned to their emotions.
  • Research** has shown that the regular use of the app can greatly reduce anxiety.
  • The app has been downloaded by over 4.5M people and has over 20,000 five star ratings.
  • Subscribers have access to over 400 activities, multi-day expert backed programs and premium features to help with:
    • Stress & anxiety
    • Sleep 
    • Focus
    • Relaxation
    • Dealing with strong emotions
    • ADHD
    • Body positivity
    • Mindful parenting
    • And much more
  • MyLife offers content for the whole family, with a kid section that includes bedtime stories and relaxing mindful games.
  • To learn more visit


  • Minimum order of 50 codes.
  • One-year subscription code introductory price $19.95
  • Six-month subscription code introductory price $11.95
* Best meditation apps of 2019; Apple App Store: App of the Day in 2020; The Webby Award: People’s Voice 2017
** Study directed by Nick Schork, UC San Diego, based on emotional data gathered between 5/1/2016 – 6/30/2017 for over 10,000 iOS users who joined after 5/1/2016, and did 10 or more sessions with a pre & post-check in.